Engelmann Spruce, Cache National Forest

Scientific Name: Picea engelmannii
Common Name: Engelmann Spruce
Location: Cache National Forest
Full Address: 41 deg. 53'15.50"N 111Deg. 38'37.65"W; 0.26 Miles 155 Deg. SE of Outlet of Tony Grove Lake, Wasatch Cache National Forest
Public Access?: Y
Measurement Year: 2013
Circumference: 204
Height: 152
Spread: 20
Total Points: 361
Owner: Wasatch Cache National Forest
Nominated By: Darren McAvoy
Nomination Year: 2008
Measured By: Darren McAvoy, Douglas Heyrend, and Toby Weed
National Champion: N
Latitude: 41.887638000289
Longitude: -111.64379100006