Volunteer Committees

ISA UT Chapter/Utah Community Forest Council has several committees that work to implement the goals of the organization. If you are interested in volunteering on any committee listed below, please email Lisa.  You do not need to be a Board or Executive Member to participate in any of these committees.  We need you!

Membership Committee

  • Actively recruit new members across all arboricultural disciplines statewide.
  • Work to retain members through engagement in the organization.
  • Provide for the needs of our diverse membership.
  • Continually communicate the benefits of membership to our constituents.
  • Improve and manage our website for members to access information, events, and member services.


  • Angel Lopez — Chair
  • Daniel Bridenstine
  • Trent Bristol
  • Rachel Broadbent
  • Tony Gliot
  • Lisa Hanussak
  • Mark Malmstrom
  • David Thunell

Professional Development Committee

  • Increase knowledge, competence and professionalism of arborists and urban foresters through a variety of educational opportunities.
  • Emphasize use of science-based education, training and best management practices.
  • Offer continuing education including the value, needs, and opportunities to certified arborists and others.
  • Educate all arborists in the utilization of safe work practices.
  • Create cultures of safety throughout the arboriculture profession.


  • Chaz Addis 
  • Britt Bingham


  •  Kevin Ball
  • Jeran Farley
  • Tyler Hill, ISA CoR Rep
  • Mike Kuhns
  • Megan Roy
  • David Thunell
  • Trent Bristol - ISA Certification Liaison

Southern Utah Sub-Committee

  •     Ryan Johnson,  Chair

Women in Arboriculture

  • Rachel Broadbent
  • Lisa Hanussak
  • Lynsey Nielson
  • Christina Lux
  • Megan Roy
  • Kristina Veneer

Public Awareness Committee

  • Create recognition and demand for certified arborists and proper tree care.
  • Create public awareness for the value of trees and the need for professional science-based tree care.
  • Publicly promote the benefits of trees to people and the environment
  • Help develop the organization as the recognized statewide network for science-based information on the benefits and proper care of trees.
  • Elevate the status of members within the community.
  • Identify issues for public exposure and develop PR campaign to address


  •  Lynsey Nielson

Utah Heritage and Big Tree Sub-Committee

  • Jeran Farley — Chair


  • Chaz Addis
  • Jason Bond
  • Codye Cunningham
  • Caleb O’Brien
  • Jack Stevenson


  • Daniel Allen
  • Mike Bunnell
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Angel Lopez
  • Alex Morris
  • Darin Nerdin
  • Ty Nielsen
  • Jack Stevenson

Partnerships Committee

  • Leverage partnerships with government, corporate, education, non-profit, and other organizations.
  • Actively involve our industry vendors in the organization.
  • Provide industry vendors and other partners with opportunities to increase their exposure to our members. 
  • Raise money that will allow the organization to offer enhanced programs per above goals.


  • Jack Stevenson — Chair
  • Daniel Bridenstine
  •  Alex Morris, TREE Fund Liaison