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Arborist Apprenticeship Program

Do you want training to become a certified arborist?  For more information, check out our page under Certified Arborist then click on Apprenticeship Program!

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18 Aug 2016

UCFC 2018 Tree Climb Winners

Master Challenge  1st:   Jake Bleazard 2nd:  Kevan Tolman 3rd:   David Thunell 4th:   Ryan Torcicollo 5th:   Nick Bleckert   Aerial Rescue: 1st:   Ryan Torcicollo 2nd:  Jake Bleazard 3rd:  Nick Bleckert   Belayed Speed Climb: 1st:   Ryan Torcicollo 2nd:  David Thunell 3rd:   Nick Bleckert   Ascent Event 1st:   Kevan Tolman 2nd:  Jake Bleazard 3rd:   David Thunell   Throwline 1st:    Ryan Torcicollo 2nd:  Jake Bleazard 3rd:   Kevan Tolman   Work Climb 1st:…

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05 Jun 2016

2018 Overall UTCC Scores

Congratulations to all climbers in the 2018 Tree Climbing Competition.   Click on the 2018 Climber Scores  link to see the scores.  UTCC_2018_Event_Scores_-_FINAL.pdf

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04 Jun 2016

2018 Arborist School - Northern

The 2018 Arborist School-Northern will be held September 24-27 from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm in West Jordan City. Optional ISA Certified Arborist Exam will be offered on Friday, September 28 at the same location. See Arborist_Brochure_2018.pdf for additional information.

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17 Aug 2015

2017 Annual Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 UCFC Annual Award Winners Dale Bigler - Citizen Forester of the Year Nephi City - Community of the Year Randy Miller   -  Lifetime Achievement Award Melissa Fayville  -  Distinguished Service Award Linden Steed  -  Arborist of the Year Mike Bunnell  -  President Award

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24 Jan 2014